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Being a pilot is great except for a few things, like preparing for flight simulator testing when you're not a natural ace. The heart of the matter is, without a good tool, cockpit crises managment is difficult to practice at home
Games with another purpose besides entertainment has been around since the US Army introduced a gamesimulator back in 1948. Industries, one by one, have eversince, embraced this inexpensive, safe and engaging learning concept, Serious Gaming
But pretty soon, it's your turn.
We're happy to introduce the new kid in town...
a pilot emergency training app

It’s like having a flight-Instructor and -simulator on your mobile device, where you are, when you want. Explore details about emergency handling and the all-scenario masterplan offered. Then play around with realistic aviation problems in a game world until it sticks


Casual in appearance and professional on matter. It’s purpose is to increase aviation safety and instil positive feelings in the pilot about the work involved. It should also educate and entertain anyone else involved

Everyone forgets stuff, whether it’s an obscure website password, or for the pilot, that emergency procedure item rarely used. Here’s a memory pack for need to know items

The innovation

It’s innovation lies partly in introducing game based training to the aviation society. Knowledge, skill and confidence in your abilities relies heavily on the quantity of training. The mix of entertaining "new school" tuition and gaming is designed  solely to increase competence by doing the right thing, repeatedly 


Equally important, is the visual presentation of complex emergency scenarios. For exampel, since it’s hard to get «the Big Picture» without having a picture to look at, we made one

Video 3:09 - Push to play and pause

Video 3:23 - Push to play and pause


Is a portal to airplane non-normal handling via one single page. In a glance you’ll see how and when to do what in the face of an emergency. All problem areas, consequences and their countermeasures. You will put your mind at ease in times of uncertainty or set it straight before the flight


This mode is for missions or loop practice. The missions here will consist of self-selected items. A scenario with engine fire with a rejected takeoff and any airborne activity is not logical and consequently not selectable. The loop practice will put one emergency in focus by repetition


Is a random game style mission. They’re made by aircraft type flight instructors. The only thing certain is what goes up, must come down. You will set your knowledge and skills to the test. A feedback session will follow with what you did and did not do, ending with a score, all in good spirit


The score will show up here. It’s where the quality of your own performance and further more with respect to your peers is displayed. Anonymous scoring secured by nickname and fun facts for statistics are in addition available for show and good feeling. This page is lastly where you may enter your private page with administrative information 



Who will benefit and why?


POCKETzim will be tailormade for the professional pilot on specific airplanes as well as tuned to the private pilot community. The Airbus 320 and a generic single engine prop will in the latter part of BETA testing be launched side by side in APP store and GOOGLE play. Airlines and pilot training facilities will be able to influence content to suit their own pilots/students. 


Hands-on flying experience is not required to participate so anyone with a desire to learn procedures and tactical handling will benefit. Investors looking for ventures in untapped markets should consider POCKETzim

Practice to test and adjust mindset

Update and get in shape

Compensate for lack of hands-on

Keep informed and feel included

Learn and compete with pros

Learn and compete with pilots

Pure fun or nostalgia

Working 100%                                  

On sick leave               






Supplement safety work/adaption

Supplement teaching/adaption


Flight school

Flight simulator 

Non-Airplane player  

Problem solver

Competitive person


Plane spotter 

Aircraft museum  

Aircraft mechanic 

Aviation job 

Talking planes

Dream of flying 

Compete with professionals

Take the airplane challenge 

Take the task challenge

Compete against the pilots

Look for action/get reward

Everyone try flying simulator



Investing perhaps in field of interest

Return on investment

So, who will make it happen?


The Big Picture illustration and prototype POCKETzim 0.1 is available to the team and partners. A joint effort will decide what to keep and then in line with research and flight standardization start design and programming of MVP, a minimum viable product, by the third quarter of 2021. 


The last column reflects individual responsibilities in the project

Jon Bjørtuft 
Are Wergeland Krog 
Geir Kronbæck
Joakim Strøm



SAS Crew Training  
Forte Digital

Rosenlund & Co as
Flyklubben øst

Complete Consult.



Egil Dahlum 
Jan H Skjetne
Monica B Tvedt 

Head of Training/pilot 
Senior Researcher
Techn. Director


Quality manager 
Marketing Director
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Anything else? Please, let us know!

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