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Our Vision

Pocketzim's vision is to make airtravel safer for everyone by increasing pilot skills. Our mission is consequently to optimize how pilots train emergency procedures in their spare time. It will be all carrot and no stick. 

Our aim is to create an animation and interaction based training application that makes pilots’ professional lives easier to handle. Most pilots love flying, however, certain aspects bring stress and negative emotions. There could can be a  job challenge just when your mental or physical capacity is low, forinstance towards the end of the day, or before that authority required simulator test you are about to take. The latter, is basically a roasting. Not unlike the one's on TV, except here nobody is laughing.

We see an afforable and accessible solution to pilots globally, that brings knowledge and excitement through cutting edge e-learning and experimental gamification.


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Pilot Emergency Training on Your Mobile Device

Reimagining learning using cartoon animation in both
practice sessions and gamebased random play


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