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Our Product

A small company with an idea, an airline, a research agency and a tech firm has joined forces to make the first of it's kind, a versatile  emergency procedure trainer for pilots no bigger than your mobile device. As a matter of fact it will be in it. The application  may not look complex, but the build prossess and it's abilities will be


Pocketzim brings in the static prototype. SAS Crew Training and SINTEF will ensure standardized and optimal e-learning. Forte Digital will physically make the prototype come alive and then produce a minimum viable product set to release early 2025  

Product overview

- Pocketzim is designed to create the right frame of mind before flight and enthusiasm about emergency training


- It will display all Threats and Errors that may occur - and it's countermeasure Managment, visualized by the Pocketzim Icon  

- Multiple interactive modes includes tutoring and self training on own accord and schedule

- Features include incentivizing competition on random but relevant play scenarioes in sync with EASA cycles


- Feedback after each game will secure that every session is a learning experience


- A nickname based scoreboard will keep track of your performance and anonymously in relation to your peers

It will be like having a flight-instructor and -simulator on your mobile device, where ever you are, whenever you want. You may explore details about emergency handling and the all-scenario masterplan offered. Our application features realistic aviation problems that can be practiced either self selected or game based until they are really learned.


We also know it’s easy to forget details, which further illustrates the need for an on-demand application to help pilots jog their memory. For consumers this is great, because it simulates a real experience when training, but without real consequences - unless you are competetive and care about your score! 

Current Challenges

Commercial pilots need, not only to be confident in his/her abilities while working, but also, to pass semi-annual tests in order for them to have valid licenses. The management in the company have themselves experienced the stress of these tests, and the idea of Pocketzim was partly brought out by the sentiment "How can we make the preparation and execution of this ordeal more enjoyable?"


Listed below are some of the main issues involved


- Resources when training for emergency procedures are spread across different platforms, e.g., E-documents, PDFs,            company videos and a huge variety of personal notes, that offer plenty of details but minimal overview

- Assessing and rehersing complex scenarios in your mind is just as easy as playing chess with a blindfold. Getting the big      picture is challenging without a graphic illustration of "the big picture" to look at. Even after 118 years of airplane travel,        the flight training industry has none to offer

- Normally 40% of training content is immidiately learned and 25% retained after six months (researchgate). Lack of  

   interactivity and stimuli in available home training tools, does not help

 - Current emergency training devices are either too expensive, cumbersome or non-relevant to suit the normal pilot

    leisuretime study demand 

Pocketzim aims to solve all the issues that currently stand with old-school training methods

Our Solution

We are developing an application that will contain almost any emergency-procedure scenario imaginable – everything you need will be in one place. Gamification and sports makes training feel fun and entertaining, not like a stressful chore


Our application will be affordable, and uses smartphone or tablet as hardware, which is something most people already own. Entry-threshold is lot lower than PC-based simulators due to quick start up, handy size and mobility. A visually engaging and intuitive use will ease the pilot into the correct mindset for flight or inspire the owner for leisuretime activity

Why is leisuretime activity so important? 

Flight instructors spend most of their work hours tutoring emergency procedures in simulators. Professional pilots generally spend 1% of their work time on the same subject. Effort and time applied is cruicial to profiencicy . Our solution is a way for regular pilots to compensate for lack of quantity and quality in home preparations and just as important, according to individual needs

Our Customers

Our customers are both aviation industry professionals and flight-enthusiasts - anyone with a passion for aircraft & aviation!

Airbus 320 and one- and two-propeller aircraft will  be introduced first. Then in succession other Airbus and Boeing models. Additional fixed-wing aircraft will follow suit. Helicopters and the military sector is an option


Cockpit crisis managment is essentially a matter of controlling your path, machine, people on board and where to stop/disembark.  Scalability into other transportation sectors, martitime and landbased, is therefore on the drawing board and will be persued down the line


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Pilot Emergency Training on Your Mobile Device

Reimagining learning using cartoon animation in both
practice sessions and gamebased random play


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