Our founding management team consist of four highly experienced pilots. Three are active and up to date in their aviation careers. One has ventured into managment and organization in the private sector.


Joakim Strøm

CEO & Founder

Two and a half years in the USA, learning the basics of flying one and two propeller airplanes, came to an end with an offer to join SAS in 1988. Since then his life has been on the airline highway flying various jets. MD80, B767, B737, A330, A340, A350 and A320 in that order. For the better part of his career a constant battle for keeping knowledge and skills up to par, led to a desire for and work with a handy pilot emergency training tool. Pocketzim is his baby but he knows it takes a family to raise a child.


Are Wergeland Krog

Quality Manager

Are is an experienced pilot and flight instructor. He has been flying since 2009, recently on the Boeing 737 in SAS, and is now working in Blom Aviation as a manager within flight operations and training department. Before he started his pilot career, he was working with design and quality with his engineer degree. He also keeps himself busy flying a wide range of private planes, where he is also acting as instructor and examinor. He want's to narrow the knowledge-gap between the private and the professional pilot.


Espen de Lange


A 35 year flying career started in 1986 flying some 30 different piston propeller airplanes in addition to DC9, B767, B737 and DHC-8.  From USA, the desert in Africa, to the Arctic Coast in Northern Norway serving companies like SAS, Widerøe, Malaysian Airlines and Airborne, both as a pilot, instructor, project manager and change consultant.  A Masters degree in Human Factors & System Safety brought a deeper understanding of handling complexity and reciliance.  Finding a smart way to practice has always been on his mind.


William Ray Reagan


During more than 40 years in aviation, flying as a first officer, captain, and instructor both in general aviation, the corporate market, and the airline industry, his main interest has always been the people aspect. Fueled by this, he has in his role as examiner, as Director Flight Crew or in managing several projects always focused on pilot development as it relates to human factors. Upholding airmanship in an increasingly technological reality is a lasting ambition.

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Pilot Emergency Training on Your Mobile Device

Reimagining learning using cartoon animation in both
practice sessions and gamebased random play