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A portal to airplane non-normal handling via one single page. At a glance you’ll see how and when to do what in the face of an emergency. All problem areas, consequences and their countermeasures. You will put your mind at ease in times of uncertainty or set it straight before the flight. It's your mental-prep tool.


Is for self-selected missions or loop practice. Build a copy of your upcoming biannual or any logical scenario you can come up with. An engine fire with a rejected takeoff and any airborne activity is not logical and consequently not selectable. The loop practice will put one emergency in focus by repetition. You may watch or manage the action, whichever desired . It's your procedure tool.


Is a random game style mission. They’re made by aircraft type flight instructors. Only one thing is certain, what comes up must come down. It will challenge your knowledge and skills. A feedback session will follow with what you did and did not do, ending with a score, all in good spirit. It's your test tool. 


Your TOPDOG missions and scores are stored, by default, in the private,"me" list. Optionally, open lists, like "USA vs.Europe", where Ryder Cup is lifted from the fairway to the airway, will provide all participants nickname, nationality, employer name  (If not flying for a living, your status will be "independent")  and score number. Meaningful, entertaining and anonymous. It's your feedback tool.

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Pilot Emergency Training on Your Mobile Device

Reimagining learning using cartoon animation in both
practice sessions and gamebased random play


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