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Our partners in SAS & Forte Digital ensure that our product has a high industry standard everywhere from software to emergency-procedure guidelines. SINTEF will provide research on e-learning & gamification before, during and after app construction securing both a head start and robustness versus future competition.

Forte Digital

Forte Digital is an international consulting company, specialized in building digital service platforms, UX-design and management consulting services. Forte Digital helps ambitius companies succed digitally. 

Our contact is Technology Director, Monica B. Tvedt.

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SAS Crew Training

Scandinavian Airlines, more commonly known and styled as SAS, is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. SAS is a large global airline and they are recognized as having high safety- and training standards.

Our contact is Head of Training, Egil Dahlum



SINTEF, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, is an independent research organization founded in 1950 that conducts contract research and development projects. SINTEF has 2000 employees from 75 countries. 

Our contact is Senior Researcher, Jan H. Skjetne

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Pilot Emergency Training on Your Mobile Device

Reimagining learning using cartoon animation in both
practice sessions and gamebased random play


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